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Wren Myers, CMT



I am a survivor of trauma, physical injuries with chronic pain, emotional eating, gluten/wheat allergies and hypothyroidism. These landmarks guided me toward the path of healing service and assisting others to navigate their hurts, pains and desire for a fulfilling life. I believe it is our souls calling.


At the age of 15, I injured my hip/sacral infrastructure as Center Half for my school’s Varsity women's soccer team, the Bulldogs. Physical Therapy was scripted and my life changed in the experience of my first visit; I made that my learning and growing environment as a Physical Therapy Technician for the next 5-years, embracing anatomy, physiology and techniques in Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Rehabilitative Care.


I searched for the best Massage Therapy School in the Inland Northwest and found it in the Inland Massage Institute, located in Spokane, Washington. This 750-hour program exceeded the state requirements and with the school seeing the advantage of meeting National Certification requirements, provided the means to graduating students to pursue their National Certification.


Having been licensed in four different states, oodles of continuing education, working in a plethora of wellness environments and self-study, I sought a deeper connection to the body through movement and diet. I found Yoga as a student in 1997, fell head over heels in love with how my body, mind and spirit felt and the symbiotic nature of fascia and massage therapy, and embarked on my studies as a Restorative Hatha Yoga Teacher.



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