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Top Mind-body Wellness Arcata Ca— Wrenegade Wellss

Massage Services

Wrenegade Massage:
Structural Flow™

Hypnotic, flowing, connected strokes that discover misalignments in muscle tissue and fibers; inducing a deep state of relaxation so applied neuromuscular, trigger point, and muscular energy techniques can illicit a therapeutic release of bound and impeded muscular and fascial tissue.

Each client visit is customized, emphasizing the importance of fascia movement and mobility. Complimentary aromatherapy oils are applied to enhance the relaxation of the central nervous system and support of the immune system. 

60-min… $70

90-min… $100


La Stone Massage®:
Earth Medicine

A lost art of traditional hot stone massage, first introduced to me by my Teacher, Mary Hannigan-Nelson over nineteen years ago. It is a meditative and deeply therapeutic, 90-min traditional wisdom and yin/yang treatment incorporating both hot basalt stones and cold marble stones being applied to the contours of the body; A nurturing session that has physiological effects on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, while frequency and its vibrational effect on the parasympathetic nervous system is influenced by the gentle tapping or rubbing together of the stones.

90-min… $135

Spiritual Massage:
Energy Field

A hands-on healing practice that incorporates the touch of Reiki and Mayan Acupressure that works directly on the energy body to balance the chakras, cleanse old thought forms, and gently facilitate the release of emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages.

60-min… $60

90-min… $90


Craniosacral Therapy:
Dural Rhythm

A subtle therapeutic technique that specifically evaluates and enhances the functioning of a physiological body system known as the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord- offering gentle manipulation with feather-like pressure from hands and fingertips on cranial bones and key areas located along the spinal column. 


Ayurvedic Bliss Therapies Arcata Ca— Wrenegade Wellness

Renegade Wellness wants to hear from you!
If you have received a session with Wren, she would love to hear about your experience and any feed back you'd like to share, to improve the quality of care.

Best Yoga Arcata Ca—Wrenegade Wellness

A 60 or 90-min Structural Flow massage, incorporating hot and cold temperature stones to illicit a simultaneous physiological effect on the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Induces deep relaxation to muscle tissue and the nervous system.

60-min… $80

90-min… $115


A 60-min treatment drawing on the ancient healing techniques and knowledge imparted from the late Mayan Shaman, Don Elijio Panti, and applied with specific treatment protocol designed by my Teacher, Rosita Arvigo.


Asan Arvigo Practitioner, I am qualified to address predominately women's reproductive and female health concerns; however, this protocol also aids in men's reproductive and overall well-being as well. Our human vitality begins with a strong, active digestive system along with supporting structures and systems. I emphasize structures due to the unique nature of the pelvic 'bowl' of bone and tissue, cradling our gut, excretory and reproductive organs in a delicate trapeze of fascia, ligaments, and tendons.



90-min Initial Consultation and Treatment … $160

60-min Follow-up per visit: … $75


A complementary modality used to increase mobility and pliability of the muscle tissue and connective tissue or fascia. This safe and profound work can also be modified to nurture the parasympathetic nervous system through a movement component called Myofascial Unwinding. The unwinding can influence negative habitual muscular responses, accelerating the body's inherent self-correcting mechanism and healing. 

Some beneficial effects may be:

  • Decrease in Pain

  • Increase in Range of Motion

  • Elimination of Subconscious “Holding or Bracing Patterns”

  • Increase Proprioceptive Awareness

  • Increase Functional Mobility of the Neuro/Myofascial/Osseous Systems


Begin your healing journey, today.
Let's discuss the best services, customized for you and your health.  

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